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Crime Scene Cleanup Beaumont, California

A One-Stop Shop : Crime Scene Cleanip Beaumont, California 

In the United States, there are approximately 50,000 homicides every
year. The majority of these homicides occur in large cities. Beaumont
is one such city with a high homicide rate and many people who want to
clean up the aftermath. Crime Cleaning is not just for murderer scenes
and drug labs anymore: it’s for everyone!

Beaumont California has a population of 41,144 people (2019 census).
There were 126 homicides in the city from 2000 to 2010. The homicide
rate is approximately one per year which ranks it at #63 out of all
cities with a population over 50,000 for that same time frame. With
these statistics you can see why more attention is being made by
larger crime scene cleaners to set up satellite offices to assist
families dealing with a homicide cleanup.

Beaumont California also has a lot of suicide. The suicide rate in
Beaumont is approximately one every two weeks. To give you a sense of
how that compares across the rest of California, there are about 500
suicides each year which averages to be about one per week statewide.

The frequency and severity of crime scenes in Beaumont have increased
over the years, so it was only natural for a crime scene cleanup
company to set up shot and start providing local services to the


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